to create a safer community


We are a community of people committed to improving the quality of life in Tower Grove East and surrounding neighborhoods.


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Who We Are

We are a community of people committed to improving the quality of life in Tower Grove East and surrounding neighborhoods.

What We Do

We actively take ownership of neighborhood safety by demonstrating strong partnership between law enforcement, the court system, city entities and committed residents.

Why It Matters

We reduce crime and create a safe, clean and supportive neighborhood that benefits all residents and businesses in and around Tower Grove East.

  • As a resident and business owner in the City of St. Louis, I know that only I and my neighbors can make my neighborhood a safe place. When we worked together to manage our own crime issues, to patrol our streets and to monitor criminal cases in our neighborhood, we had our lowest rate of crime in five years.”

    — Michael Petetit, Chairperson, Safety Committee, Lafayette Square

  • How do we know these solutions can work? We’ve seen them in action in neighborhoods such as Lafayette Square. Fed up with increasing crime rates, in 2010 citizens in the Lafayette Square Neighborhood formed alliances with neighbors, government and law enforcement agencies and implemented strategies that dramatically reduced crime in their community. In 2010, Lafayette Square experienced its lowest crime levels in five years.

  • Citizen participation is key to our criminal justice system. The more information judges have, the better equipped we are to make decisions. When citizens work with the authorities to help gather accurate and complete information, we all benefit.

    — Presiding Judge Steven Ohmer, St. Louis Circuit Court


This website exists to educate, equip, and activate community members. Come discover how you can help make Tower Grove East a great place to live and play!


As you discover the activities and benefits of the Neighborhood Ownership Model, take home some tips that you can apply in your home and block right away.


Join your neighbors in making Tower Grove East a great place to live, work and play. There are a number of easy ways to get plugged in!