Volunteer Security Cameras

Security cameras around homes, streets, and alleys play an important role in identifying and prosecuting criminals. TGE NOM manages a roster of citizen-owned cameras and coordinates with police to leverage this network as a community asset.

How It Works

  1. Residents let us know what cameras they have, where they have them, and how we can contact the owner.
  2. We maintain a master list of all cameras and their locations.
  3. Our SLMPD Liasion officer works with a TGE NOM representative to review a list of crimes in the community on a recurring basis.
  4. We cross-reference crimes with the locations of cameras in the event that a resident’s camera may have been witness to the criminal activity.
  5. When there is a match, we contact the camera owner to determine if they are able to review the video and are willing to share it with the police department. If so, we help coordinate the exchange.

Why It Matters

Security cameras are a proven deterrent to crime. Also, video or photos captured from these cameras can be used by police to identify and sometimes help prosecute perpetrators.

How to Get Involved

When you protect your own property, you also help protect your neighborhood. You can make our community a safer place by purchasing security cameras for your private property and allowing us to include them in our network that is shared with St. Louis police. Help make our network stronger! To enlist your camera, please contact us.

Tips on Buying a Camera

Security cameras are a vital part to protecting the safety and security of your property. When purchasing a camera system we recommend buying either a high quality camera with good resolution or a blinking box fake camera for considerably less money off of Amazon. Please remember that if the resolution isn’t good enough to clearly pick out a person or identify a car, it is essentially useless in resolving crime. Determine the areas of your property to be covered by the cameras and buy accordingly.

http://www.cctvforum.com is a website that has good discussion about the different cameras available on the market and how to use them. A decent quality 5-7 camera system should cost about $500, including high quality resolution supplemented by motion lights. Also note that once installed you can approach your home insurance company and they should reduce your home insurance premiums. If they don’t, maybe it is time to shop around.