One of the most powerful crime fighting tools is an active, engaged neighborhood. The Tower Grove East Neighborhood Ownership Model (TGENOM) seeks to facilitate this type of engagement that makes our community a safer place to live, work, and play. We know that well-organized individuals who choose to participate in keeping their neighborhoods safe and hold criminals accountable are the most powerful force in crime prevention and reduction.

The Tower Grove East Neighborhood Ownership Model matters because:

People Matter

Loving and serving people is our primary objective. The Tower Grove East Neighborhood Ownership Model is for everyone – businesses, homeowners, renters, landlords, community non-profits, visitors, and anyone else that lives, works, or plays in our great neighborhood. TGENOM helps create a healthy community one person, family, and household at a time.

We Need Each Other

Everyone in Tower Grove East plays a role in maintaining a safe and healthy community. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, we are in this together. We need to protect each other, serve each other, and build each other up. TGENOM recognizes this need and seeks to equip people with programs and resources to excel in our dependency on each other.

There Is Strength In Numbers

As we unite with one voice and purpose, we send a message to criminals and courts that criminal activity will not be tolerated in our community. A protective and loving neighborhood removes a criminal’s power to terrorize and take advantage of our community. An outspoken neighborhood reminds judges that we care about just sentencing. Perpetrators think twice about committing crimes in our neighborhood and judges think twice about lenient sentencing.

Recent  Successes

The Tower Grove East Neighborhood Ownership Model has accomplished much in the brief time since its inception.

  • Routine activities include:
  • Bringing neighborhood issues to the attention of city officials
  • Engaging in Crime Prevention Efforts
  • Providing Emotional and Informational Support to Victims of Crime.
  • Communicating to the court the community impact of crimes, which may impact judges’ sentencing decisions

Special Achievements have included:

  • Creation of a robust, structured, and organized block captain program.
  • Delivery of free, energy-efficient light bulbs to over 500 homes as a way to encourage residents to contribute to neighborhood safety by keeping their porches lit at night.
  • Provision of volunteer dog-walking services during the recuperation of a neighbor who was shot in an attempted robbery, and creation of a large “Best Wishes” card with signatures from numerous neighborhood
  • Donations by residents of basic supplies to a neighborhood family that had suffered the tragedy of a house fire.
  • Collection of over $1700 in donations to benefit a clerk who was shot during an armed robbery, and creation of large cards with signatures from neighborhood residents.