About Court Advocacy

Neighborhood Court Advocates are resident volunteers who attend trials related to crimes committed in Tower Grove East to encourage just sentencing and prevent future crimes against the neighborhood.

How It Works

Neighborhood Court Advocates work together to identify and anticipate upcoming court hearings for crimes committed in our neighborhood. When there is a court hearing, this group of volunteers spreads the word and rallies a group to attend the hearing.

Volunteers act as silent observers in the courtroom. Often times, they wear matching shirts to make their presence obviously known. The purpose of attending these hearings is to show judges that the community is interested in the result of the trial, to let victims know they are not alone, and to show criminals that crime in our neighborhood will not be tolerated.

Why It Matters

Trial can be a frightening experience for victims and witnesses who play a critical role in achieving justice in sentencing. The presence of our neighborhood advocates lets these individuals know that they are not alone and that we stand together to ensure the safety of our residents, businesses, and visitors.

By appearing at hearings, advocates send a message to judges that the community will not tolerate lenient sentencing and that it is invested in the result of the trial. This helps the public keep judges accountable and ensure just sentencing.

Finally, advocates make it clear to perpetrators that criminal activity will not be tolerated in our community. People are less likely to commit crimes in neighborhoods that they know are committed to justice. Criminals see the advocates in the courtroom and know this is not a neighborhood to return to.

Advocates may be silent observers in the courtroom, but their presence still speaks volumes to the justice system. This is one of the most important things you can do to ensure Tower Grove East is a safe community!

How to Get Involved

There is great strength in numbers! We need more court advocates to attend hearings. No formal training is required and you don’t have to attend every single hearing. However, a flexible schedule is helpful. Court hearings occur during the daytime, are often rescheduled, and can happen on short notice. If you do have a flexible schedule, please seriously consider joining our team of volunteers who play such a critical role in protecting our community! Submit your interest using the Contact Form on our website.