About Impact Statements

Neighborhood Impact Statements are letters written by trained volunteers and endorsed by community members explaining how a particular crime or conduct has impacted the neighborhood. These letters can be used in court to understand a specific case and achieve just sentencing.

How It Works

Crimes committed in and around Tower Grove East negatively impact the community. Not only do they impact victims, but they also have a ripple-effect that touches residents and businesses.

When a crime is committed in our community, a trained volunteer is notified and encouraged to understand the crime and consider its impact. This volunteer then authors a statement about that impact and rallies residents to endorse the statement. Finally, the statement is delivered to the Circuit Attorney’s Office, who can use the information to help the Court understand the case and pursue a just sentencing.

Why It Matters

Crimes committed against one person or property are transgressions against the entire community. It is important to understand that we are all affected by crime but we also all possess the ability to do something about it. Impact Statements matter because they produce information that can be used in the courtroom to ensure more comprehensive sentencing that may ultimately help deter criminal activity.

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in becoming involved in writing Neighborhood Impact Statements, or are interested in being notified when a Neighborhood Impact Statement has been written and signatures are being sought from residents, please join our Facebook Page and share your contact information through this website.