About Victim Support

Trained volunteers connect with victims of crime to provide assistance and services necessary to speed their recovery from the criminal act, and to support and aid them as they move through the criminal justice process.

How It Works

Primary victim service agencies in St. Louis and across the state have focused on specific areas of victimization such as domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and homicide. Meanwhile, the victims of other property or personal crimes often receive limited attention due to lack of local, state or non-profit organization support. We seek to fill this gap with a program that utilizes best practices in victim support.

When a crime is committed against a person or property in Tower Grove East, a trained volunteer is notified by a Police Liaison Officer. The volunteer then reaches out to the victim(s) to offer emotional support, to let the victim know they are not alone, and to help them navigate the judicial process. Sometimes this involves just listening to people’s experiences, other times it may mean helping with medical bills or household tasks when the victim has been physically or mentally disabled by the crime.

Victim Support volunteers are background checked, specifically trained, and follow a delicate support process to protect the sensitivity of what can often be traumatic experiences for the victim. Volunteers do not work on domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, or homicide cases.

Why It Matters

People are often deeply impacted by crime. As residents of Tower Grove East we believe it is important to serve our neighbors and comfort them in their time of need. Victims may need assistance walking their dog, paying for medical bills, or doing household chores. Or, they may just need someone to listen to their experience and express compassion. Whatever the need is, we make a difference by helping them sustain their quality of life and move past what can often be a difficult experience.

There is also a community benefit to victim support. By helping victims navigate the judicial system, victims are encouraged to participate in the process and seek out justice. Without victim support, sometimes victims are too afraid to engage the judicial system to stand up to their perpetrator. However, when victims are supported in seeking justice, the whole community benefits through just sentencing.

In Tower Grove East we have extended this a little further by trying to help not just victims of crime but victims of life. So helping a family when their home burns down by getting them a tooth brush and a change of clothes. Or fundraising for a victims healing costs when they got shot trying to work a job and pay their bills. Or walking someones dogs while they heal after being shot in an attempted robbery. Life throws curve balls sometimes so we try and gather the neighborhood together and extend a helping hand.

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in becoming a Victim Support Advocate, please contact us. We will conduct a background check, share a confidentiality agreement, and connect you with the proper training to fulfill this critical gap.